Building and Decorating the Village

The second shop (flower symbol) can be reached by pressing on the second tap at the top of the display. This shop has mainly living items like animals, flowers, . . .

The third shop (Smurfberry symbol) is the Smurfberry­‐Shop; all items bought here cost Smurfberries.

The fourth shop is the "Star Shop" (i.e. its symbol is a yellow star). It was introduced with the latest update (version 1.1.4, iOS only) and contains temporary items (such as the bat, jack‐o-­lanterns and tombstones for Halloween).
With this shop a new feature has been introduced. Items in that shop can be made available at a later time, without the developers having to update the whole game. For example the Halloween critter (i.e. the bat) was made available approximately one week after the latest update.

Moreover items that are available in this shop can be made available for a limited time. After the time has passed (for example the bat is available for 180 hours to purchase) it can no longer be bought. This is also possible without the developers having to update the game itself.

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